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I was lucky enough to have worked with James when I was younger and is the reason I am where I am today. James isn’t only a tutor, but a friend who will support you throughout anything you do!"


''The experience I have had with James as my singing tutor has been absolutely phenomenal. The hard work and dedication he puts into his job in addition to his professionalism are aspects of his character that shine through in every lesson. He is unquestionably such a lovely, and motivational human being, and I can confidently say that if I didn’t have a teacher such as him as an influence, I would not have improved as much as I did, and it is my understanding that his willingness to help his students thrive speaks volumes about his character and teaching method.''

— Max Patsiogiannis (Arts Ed 3 Year BA Course)

"I have been singing with James for about 16 months now. When I first started I was very nervous and would quite often stare at the floor. I had very little self confidence and had quite a negative opinion of my own singing voice. I had a small range and would constantly sing the same repertoire of songs. 

16 months on, I have grown in confidence so much. I thoroughly look forward to my singing lessons every week and I find them a real positive release, especially during these tough times. I have extended my range so much and have such a wide repertoire of songs now.

Singing with James always puts a smile on my face and it is great fun! Thank you so much James for giving me back the confidence that I lost."

Hannah Hopwood (Teacher)



"You are so much more than 'just' singing lessons, you are invaluable to my daughters happiness and confidence."

Eve Whitmore

Patrick Davies (Agent Daisy & Dukes)

Patrick describes his singing lessons as exhilarating! Like a magic spell, he always leaves the lesson feeling happier. James delivers the perfect potion of patience and motivation. He tailors Patrick's lessons to keep him focused and engaged. James has high standards and strives for perfection. In Patrick's case this has led to amazing results in his Musical Theatre exams. Through the years it is clear how Patrick's singing is maturing, and James is careful to ensure progression with solid foundations. Patrick trusts James wholeheartedly. We know he will bring the best out of him. We can't wait for the future. 

Male Portrait

Karl Thompson (Author and paramedic)

Professional and Personal

I have been having singing lessons with James for around six months now and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session. Not only is he highly professional, but he also makes each session personal, too, tailoring each lesson to what is needed to take my singing from “OK” to “Awesome”, letting me choose which songs I’d like to focus on that term, and even taking the time to ask about my day and ensuring things are well.

James is extremely patient, going over sections of song as many times as needed to get it right without getting fed up or frustrated. He is understanding, adaptive, and, perhaps most importantly, honest. If the song didn’t sound so great, he’ll tell me honestly before offering ways to improve it and giving me the chance to try again. I’d much rather have a tutor who offers constructive criticism than pretend everything’s OK.

I would highly recommend James to anyone interested in improving their singing, no matter their age or musical talent. If he can help me perfect songs from “Dear Evan Hansen”, “Les Misérables”, and “Hamilton”, he can help anyone. 

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Emily Whitmore

James is the best singing teacher ever. He is very encouraging and my voice has improved so much with James help. My singing lessons are really fun but he challenges me too. I think James's singing lessons are brilliant.

Ian Handley

James is a top class singing teacher! Every lesson is enjoyable and tailored to enable me to reach new goals. He is motivated, always positive and sparks ambition in me.

Tanya Bebb

"I am 54 years old dipped in & out of singing & drama over the years & love nothing more than a night out at the theatre.

After meeting James at auditions he made me feel relaxed & capable about singing also that maybe potential of improving myself .

After such a long time of wishing & dreaming I plucked up the courage & a gift from my partner at Xmas paying for my singing lessons i took the plunge .

Each week i love the fact I improve James shows me techniques to improve & homework which i love to do & make each week sound better & brighter .

I have now started a journey at 54 years which i should of started years ago but never felt comfortable enough to take the plunge .
Im so glad i did & now looking at future productions with excitement not fear & possibly one day a solo..

Thankyou James for giving me the belief & fulfilling my lifetime dream"

Lorraine Jones

A hurried email to say I think the work you are doing with young people in Shrewsbury is  fantastic, it’s great to have such opportunities for children in my rural  home county. I’ve often read in the press  about the amazing opportunities  you give youngsters .Having just  browsed your web site it is so inspiring and refreshing to read of your successful business  venture  which  is nurturing  creativity, fulfilment and self worth  in so many youngsters.

What a fantastic good news story your workshops and productions are.

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